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Love Like Rain



Thank you for stopping by our site! We are a southern gospel style trio. We are based out of Lafayette, IN. We have a passion to serve the Lord through song! Without Him dying on the cross for our sins we wouldn't have what we have today. Please wander around on our site and get to know us (Mike, Rex, and Scott)! We hope you will enjoy the music and most of all hear the message! We are all called to love one another as brothers and sisters. We need to do this now more than ever!


Love Like Rain

1. Listening for the shout

2. Love like rain

3. Not the great I was

4. Solid rock and shifting sand

5. Didn't I walk on water

6. Always there- Original Song

by Mike Sandefur

7. Giver of amazing grace

8. I've never walked alone

9. Small-town someone

10. Redeemed

11. I can't even walk

12. When God save me- Original

Song by Rex Crocket



Livin Forgivin is excited to announce that we have made plans to head back down to Chapel Valley Recording Studio in Jan. 2020 to produce our 3rd album since we have reformed in 2017. God is ever so present in our career and we have a lot to share!

We will be working with Chapel Valley to produce a 10 song CD which includes brand new original songs.  Mike and Rex have been hard at work along with Chapel Valley writers to come up with originals to fit our unique sound!

We will be heading down to produce tracks in Jan. 2020 and will follow up with a vocal recording in mid March. We hope to release the album to the public by June 2020, just in time for the Kokomo Gospel Music Festival! What more could we ask for! God is so Good! We thank you for your continued Support of Livin Forgivin and our Ministry! 

Meet Brad and Holly Kemp from Lebanon, IN. Brad is an experienced Bass singer who is currently singing with us. Kemp had his first unofficial LF Concert with us on Sat. July 26th, 2020. He has not been offer/or accepted an official position as of now, but we are loving the sound of a quartet again! Be in prayer as we find out what God has in store for our Group!


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