The LFQ Guys


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Mike   Sandefur- Lead

Rossville, IN

He was raised in church from birth. He says, “I have always had music in my life. My family comes from a long list of singers as far back as my great, great, grandfather on my Dad’s (Leon) side of the family. My grandpa and grandma were in a quartet in Tennessee, and my dad has sang in the group the 'Gospel  Four' for as long as I can remember.” Mike began singing with his Mom, Dad and Brother when he was 7 years old and has never stopped singing. He says, “I learned how to play bass, and a little guitar at the age of 9, and started playing bass with the “Gospel Four” at 10 or so. After that, I played and sang some with “The Gospel Singing Messengers” until I went through some things in my life that challenged my faith and walk with God. For several years I sang some country and rock. I'm not proud of that time in my life, but none the less, it has put me in the place that I'm in now.” In 2009 Michael started the group “Livin Forgivin’” and they sang as a trio until March of 2015. Now the trio has reformed into what it is today. He is excited for what God has in store for the new group! 

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Rex Crockett- Baritone

Russiaville, IN

Rex came on as Baritone with the original group 10 years ago. He is a great man of God that Loves to sing Southern Gospel music. He is a very solid Baritone that can sing the lead or tenor if and when it's needed. He also grew up in church as a young boy but found himself out of Gods will as a teenager and young adult. He did the Rock and Roll scene for several years until he met his wife Debbie who was in church and ultimately   Rex made his way back into the Fold. Rex says he's shy, but when you come to see us you will figure out real quick he is anything but shy, He sure keeps us on our toes, but in a great and funny way. Next time you see us in your area come to our table and meet Rex and and the other guys. We all love to meet new people.

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Scott Evans- Tenor

Rushville, IN

Scott Evans is Livin Forgivin's first Tenor singer. He has been with the group now for 4 years, since the group has reformed back in July of 2017. The Group has transformed from a trio to now a true Quartet. Faith and music is something that has always been of value to him, and being able to combine the two into a ministry that he gets to share, is now a true passion! God continues to bless him and the group with opportunity and chances to minister to others through song! Scott is a loving husband to his wife Brandy of 15 years, and father to their four children, Dominick, Ethan, Khloe, and Mason. Scott and his family are from Rushville, IN and both work in the community.

My Story is pretty simple, but not with out it's conflict. I was raised in a Baptist church in Rushville, and attended my whole life. My parents were regular attendees, as well as my grandparents. From a young age I knew I had a passion for music, but it wasn't until High School that I decided to do much with it. I did musical theater, and sang locally, but nothing much more. I was introduced into quartet music in 2013 and have been in love ever since! My God Opens Doors! Amen!

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Brad Kemp- Bass

Not too long after he gave his heart and life to Jesus, Brad fell in love with southern gospel music. At the age of 16, he, along with his 2 cousins and the church choir director, formed a quartet. That gave him a firsthand taste of the quartet sound and he's been hooked ever since.

Brad is happily married to his lovely wife, Holly and they have a beautiful daughter named, Olivia. Both "girls" try to attend as many Livin' Forgivin' concerts as they can.
The Kemps live in Lebanon, IN and Brad works from home enjoying his full time job of Options Trading.

After a few years away from singing, he counts it a privilege, and an honor, to sing with such a great group men. He looks forward to many great years of ministering with Livin' Forgivin'!

Lebanon, IN